We use the following products and services.

Water Fountains

Miaustore's Ceramic Cat Water Fountain This is a lovely ceramic water fountain, easily assembled, doesn't require filters and can be washed in the dishwasher. It is also the quietest water fountain we have ever had. Our cats drank from it as soon as it had been set up and started. Reasonably priced compared to other water fountains and comes in a variety of colours. Very stylish. We have two and a third is on order.

Cat Houses
SHEDcetra is a UK company (based in Nottinghamshire) that specialises in cat houses for the garden with a secure run designed to meet your exact requirements. We purchased a customised version of the Manor Cat Chalet in June 2017. The quality of the materials used is excellent and great care is taken during construction to ensure you get a product that will last a long time. In our opinion, this family run business produces the best cat houses for both cat breeders and pet owners alike that we have seen.

Cat Food
PurrForm produce natural raw cat food which is what we feed all of our cats (including any kittens) for their main meal in the morning. Since we introduced this to their diet in 2017 there has been a major improvement in their digestive systems and coat quality.

Husse is the producer and supplier of premium dry cat food. It is made of high quality ingredients and it is the favourite dry food for all of our cats.

Green Pantry is a family run business that has recently introduced a range of 100% natural dried food for cats which is also liked by our cats.

Cat Accessories
Crystal Clear Pet Products is a UK company providing just about every accessory your cat could ever need at very competitive prices. They have an excellent range of dry food, premium wet food, cat litter, litter trays, water fountains and cat carriers. They attend a large number of cat shows throughout the year and therefore as well as the online option, you can see the products in person before purchase and take advantage of special show offers.

Zooplus is a web-based company that we use regularly providing a variety of pet products.

Brit-Pet is the UK suppler of an innovative sieve litter tray system from Australia that uses wood pellets and can save you a considerable amount of money on cat litter, especially in multi-cat households. It can be used both inside and outside (with the hood accessory) and comes in two sizes. We use the Verdo brand for the wood pellets which we can source for under £5 for a single 15kg bag at a local farm shop.

Heavy Duty Cat Scratching Posts
Kalven The Cat Scratcher Specialist is the main UK company who manufacture a wide range of indoor and outdoor cat scratching posts to a very high standard including a bespoke service offering, customised to your exact requirements. You can also order spare parts for any of the cat scratchers that they have ever made, helping to future-proof your investment.

From our experience it is false economy to buy the cheaper cardboard-based products and hence for the past few years we have only bought from Kalven.

Making your Garden Secure

ProtectaPet has been used successfully by many people we know to secure the outer boundaries of their gardens.

Katzecure is another type of system that we know has proven successful.