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A Kitten's Guide to Good Breeders


Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The Kitten Checklist launched to help owners avoid heartache is a document that all prospective kitten owners should read and use

We are members of the following cat club:

Norwegian Forest Cat Club

We also support the following organisations:

Information about the Scottish Wildcat

One of our lovely cats called Cleasanta Macavity, who went as a kitten to live with Jill and Mark, inspired Jill to write a beautiful children's book called book called "Harvey and the Moon Bus".

For details of the book select this link

If you would like to purchase a signed/dedicated copy then please do contact her
Jill Stanton

We have a portrait of our Grand Premier Andante, painted by Kirsten - please visit her site to see a video of the artist working on the commission.
Kirsten Ritchie Walker - Artist

We also have a lovely portrait of Allegretto, painted by Valerie - please visit her site to see what she does.
I Paint Your Pet - Pet Portraits

For something completely different visit
Spirit Walker - Crystal Shop