Photo Gallery

The following images have been very kindly provided by the new owners of kittens we have bred over the past couple of years.



Sundance and Cassidy.

Miko with his new best friend Luna.

Maya in her new home (top of the cat tree) with her new best friends Merlin and Cleo.

Archie and Minnie cuddled up together, fast asleep.

Samwise watching Frodo tackle the shrubs!

Cleasanta Meeko (pet name Igor) waiting for the birds ...

Cleasanta Mimi (pet name Tilly) in the garden

Cleasanta Finnigan climbing a tree

Cleasanta Bentley posing for the camera

Ember and Cleasanta Dexter enjoying the French sunshine

Cleasanta Lyra ready to pounce

Cleasanta Meeko deep in thought